Tuesday 27 November 2007

Mind the spoof message

One of the tube's official announcers has been sacked after making a whole bunch of witty announcements in the same smooth voice that has warned millions to mind the gap. Then she posted them on her website

It'll almost certainly be overloaded, I hope it'll be up and running again soon
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Monday 19 November 2007

LED Colour changing Lamp

I really like the idea of LED lamps, more efficient than the incandecsent type and (I think?) the CFL type.

This lamp look great not only is does it fit into a standard lamp socket (looks like an ES27) but it comes with a remote to change the colour. You can get it from thinkgeek, however it looks like it only runs from US 110V, so no good for me in the UK :( .
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Wednesday 14 November 2007

Sunken Lamp

This lamp took its inspiration from the Titanic sinking below the waves. It is deliberately designed to be a stylised version of the classic lamp form and plays with the traditional mindset that furniture pieces have.

Maximum 60W ES fitting (if you are that interested)

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Tuesday 13 November 2007

Safe air travel?

The ban on dangerous liquids must have annoyed almost everyone who has travelled on an aircraft since it was introduced. I must say I feel so much safer because of it (sarcasm added)

This guy says he accidentally left his Swiss Army knife in his backpack as he went through the TSA check point, an all too common mistake.

Thankfully, the TSA agent spotted his package of pudding and confiscated it, missing the knife completely.

"I was passing through Sacto airport security checkpoint. I sent my carry-on backpack through the Xray machine. The operator found something, and raised her hand for assistance. Another TSA person came over and pulled my bag out of the machine and commenced with a hand search. Inside he found a package of unopened Hunts Pudding Snacks in my lunch. He confiscated the pudding "it's a liquid" and sent me on my way. Absurd, but forgettable. However later in the day I had a layover, and was going through my backpack looking for a pen and came across my Swiss Army Knife with a 4" locking blade. I had been camping and had inadvertently left it in my backpack. I was stunned that the moron TSA agent had confiscated my pudding, but missed my knife. I am left wondering if the X-ray person ordered the hand search because she saw my knife on the xray, but the hand searcher got thrown off his game by the delicious, and apparently dangerous pudding. If so the lack of communication between the Xrayer and hand searcher indicates a serious weak spot in their protocol. After I discovered the knife, I took a cell phone shot of it in the airport bathroom, and a shot of it as I was LEAVING the secure "sterile" area of the airport."

Would you say pudding is a liquid?
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