Monday 16 February 2009

I want one of these

I have always wanted a lightsaber - those cheap plastic ones never really felt right. I even thought about making one on my Dad's lathe, a solid hefty peice of metal with a decent light source.
now there is a place that you can order the bits from
They don't look too pricy either. Most importantly they look really cool

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Thursday 12 February 2009

Evolution leads us

Today is Darwin's birthday,
Let us celebrate by singing the Evolutionary Hymn. Wether you believe the theory or not this is an amusing song to the tune of Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us

Lead us, Evolution, lead us
Up the future's endless stair;
Chop us, change us, prod us, weed us.
For stagnation is despair:
Groping, guessing, yet progressing,
Lead us nobody knows where.

Wrong or justice, joy or sorrow,
In the present what are they
While there's always jam tomorrow,
While we tread the onward way?
Never knowing where we're going,
We can never go astray.

To whatever variation
Our posterity may turn
Hairy, squashy, or crustacean,
Bulbous-eyed or square of stern,
Tusked or toothless, mild or ruthless,
Towards that unknown god we yearn.

Ask not if it's god or devil,
Brethren, lest your words imply
Static norms of good and evil
(As in Plato) throned on high;
Such scholastic, inelastic,
Abstract yardsticks we deny.

Far too long have sages vainly
Glossed great Nature's simple text;
He who runs can read it plainly,
'Goodness == what comes next.'
By evolving, Life is solving
All the questions we perplexed.

Oh then! Value means survival -
Value. If our progeny
Spreads and spawns and licks each rival,
That will prove its deity
(Far from pleasant, by our present,
Standards, though it may well be).
by C.S.Lewis
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Tuesday 10 February 2009

Max your life

Do you want to live a light life? It just doesn't sit well with me.

John 10:10 says “…I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Life shouldn’t be lived “light”. God gave us life that we might live it and enjoy it. Living life light is life without God, like diet coke, its pretty good, sometimes you can even mistake it for the original, but really, its not the real thing.

"I don’t want to live a light life. I want my life to be full fat. I want to experience the world that God created, live my life to the full. But I know that this doesn’t just mean life’s luxuries. If all I did was eat donuts, I wouldn’t be looking or feeling very good. But if I keep it balanced, have some vegetables, do some exercise then it works out quite well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you go for the full fat, live a life with Jesus then there are going to be some things that don’t always seem so delicious. If you take the diet route then it might seem to be going along very well but in the end its just a bunch of chemicals, its not real."
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Thursday 5 February 2009

Mission One EV - Mission Accomplished

What do you get when you combine lithium-ion batteries with a high-performance electric motor and components straight from the racing circuit? Answer: The fastest production electric motorcycle in the world.

Mission Motors has just revealed its all-electric sport bike it looks great and has great specs immediately by the sound of our jaws hitting the floor. After a couple of years of staying almost perfectly in stealth mode, the Mission One is being unveiled today at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference. The Yves BĂ©har-designed bike sets a new performance standard for electric two-wheelers with a top speed of 150 mph, 100 foot-pounds of torque at any point between 0 and 6,500 RPM and an estimated range of 150 miles. The charge time is targeted for under 2 Hours at 240V
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Wednesday 4 February 2009

Cusrory flying

I have always enjoyed kites, big one small ones. You name it I like them.
This kite is a really clever design, looks like it would be difficult to fly. Apparently it has Quad-line control, asymmetrical framing, stainless fittings, and opposed-bow tensioning for the sail. They come together to make this incredible kite look like it has been digitally pasted right into the sky.
It isn't. Carefully designed by Tim Elverston, this high-end addition to the WindFire collection will really make people stop and think.

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Tuesday 3 February 2009

Logical delusion

I don't want to steal this guys thunder as he explains this so well. Just click on the readlink and read it for yourself.He endevours to "show that atheism - i.e. the belief there is no, or cannot be, a God is an untenable position to hold, and self-contradictory."Link
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