Wednesday 25 April 2007

House of Flying software?

Why "The House of Flying Software" as my blog title?

Well, I really like films and one of my favourites is "Shi mian mai fu” or “House of Flying Daggers” I am also a software engineer for an aerospace company so my software actually does fly.

The landscape in the first couple of scenes is in mellowed brown, yellow and pale green. Then come the lush green hills and the dreamy world of the bamboo forest. Towards the end, we have a white birth forest and, for no apparent reason, are given a frame of only two seconds of a fiery stretch of fall colors. In the finale, the ominous dark clouds eventually produce a winter wonderland, to receive profuse splashes of crimson blood. The soundtrack is equally well put together and I would advise anyone watching it to listen to the original voices with the subtitles on – it works so much better than the dubbed version.

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