Thursday 11 December 2008

The Bean Vac battery operated vacuum coffee canister is apparently one of the most significant coffee accessories to hit the market in recent years. I know that leaving coffee beans open to the air will gradually degrade the beans and that ground coffee degrades faster. I know the importance of keeping beans fresh to preserve flavor! How do you do this in a home environment? Even if you purchase your beans fresh out of the roaster and they are packed in a one way valve bag, once you open the bag, the beans are exposed to the air and simply rolling up the bag will not keep the air out. We have always recommended using a vacuum coffee storage canister for storing coffee beans. Until now, this usually meant a bit of manual labor was involved pumping the air out by hand. With the Bean Vac, keeping your coffee fresher has never been easier. The Coffee BeanVac is simple and effective. Just place coffee beans inside, pull the handlebar shut, and watch the powerful motorized vacuum and soft silicone seal create a precise environment which fends off moisture, oxidation and acidity so your coffee stays fresher longer. A strong vacuum seal is created in just over a minute. A vacuum indicator button lets you see the vacuum seal activating. When the button depresses you know the vacuum is locked in.
I love the idea of this gadget; does it actaully work? Or am I just sucked in by the manufacturers information?
If you want one you can get them at Amazon - let me know how you get on.

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