Tuesday 15 September 2009

Cheep Cheep Cheep

It's time to ditch dial-up. Get up to 8Mb broadband from PlusNet. Free setup now available - terms apply. PlusNet broadband.
People who know me will know I like to check comparison websites in order to make sure I'm getting the best deal. My broadband provider is plusnet, they are pretty good value for money (the best I can get from my exchange) and their customer service is top notch, they have responded quickly to my queries and I don't hesitate to recommend them. Oh and they do my landline too.

Join GreasyPalm - the site that PAYS YOU to shop!I also use greasypalm, this site gives you cashback for shopping or changing your provider for energy or insurance (among other things), so far I have got more than £100 from them (which is nice). Not only do I have a nice fixed deal from E.On but I got £30 cashback too - bargin

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