Monday 1 February 2010


What makes for freedom? The ability to do what you like? or is it the ability to say "I hope apple continues to allow..."
People rave about the iPhone and those that have a Mac seem to love them, don't get me wrong I appreciate the fact that they 'just work' but I prefer a little more freedom, the ability to run any application I chose - regardless of if it is 'bugggy' or prone to crash my system (or my phone)
I'd love to run linux but so many little things just don't work quite right (or at all).
At the moment I can't log into my adsense account using Firefox so I can't see when ads have been clicked on - or if I'm going to ever get paid.

Much as I love to hate it windows is a good middle ground between the complete freedom (without boundaries) of Linux and the (Dictatorial) policies of Apple.

A dawning realisation I actually like windows, even windows mobile.

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