Thursday 6 November 2008

Chrisitan Video Games?

I'd love to know wether it is really a good idea to have special 'christian versions' of normal video games. A case in point is Guitar Praise. Guitar parise is much like Guitar Hero.
Gutiar Praise adopts the same concept of "playing" rock tunes on an increasingly difficult level. But it inhabits a gentler world where a bad performance gets you mild clapping and gentle suggestions instead of the raucous boos and catcalls that accompany failure in Guitar Hero.

According to the game's description, "onscreen lyrics reflect Christian values (so that) vocalists can sing their hearts out as their friends play the guitar." As with Guitar Hero, players unlock new guitars and sounds as they progress through the game.

If your parents suddenly walk in, the lyrics will assure them at a glance that despite the hard rocking sound of these songs, they're Christian-approved for households where that's a concern.
Gameplay-wise, this game also differs from Guitar Hero in that there didn't appear to be any ties (also known as "hammer-ons," when you clamp down on a note to carry the sound from another note without strumming again). The whammy bar wasn't as responsive, either.


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