Thursday 20 November 2008

Want not - Waste not

The Kitchen Revolution
is a book which claims it can save you time and money and reduce your eco impact - with its seasonal shopping and cooking plans.

Stick rigidly to the plan and you will save money by using up all the food you buy; your food miles will go down because you're not wasting any and because the recipes are all seasonal; and energy consumption - yours and the cooker's - goes down because of all the recycling.

The main idea is that you do a weekly shop, then cook a meal from scratch on day 1. Day 2 and 3 are from leftovers but done well. Day 4 is a quick seasonal recipe. Day 5 is from your larder. Day 6 you cook twice of something as much and freeze half of it. Day 7 you eat something from the freezer you made a couple of weeks back.

It sounds like a brilliant plan - the recipes sound fantastic. So I'm going to order I have just ordered a copy


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