Wednesday 9 May 2007

My MOTor

I have a small car, a Fiat Seicento and last week I realised it was due for an MOT, no problem - car is in pretty good shape (apart from a problem applying the handbrake)
So I ordered a new handbrake cable from a place on the web, I also ordered a set of brake shoes ('cos if I'm going to take apart the brakes I may as well do the shoes whilst I'm about it)
The parts arrived next day and I put the car up on stands and started the job, getting everything off - no problem. Putting the shoes back on took me forever (ok about an hour and a half).

Took the car to the test centre on Friday and it failed :(, apparently it had a leaky shock absorber. New one was installed - and it passed. The staff were very friendly and helpful.

The garage forgot to charge me for the shock absorber and just charged for the MOT, I was sorely tempted to not bother to tell them, but I'm mostly honest, I rang to let them know I'd pop back in this week to sort it out.

If you'd like a bit of info to help your car pass it's test then there are a load of places you can google for. I quite like this one

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