Thursday 3 May 2007

The Next Best…Ding!

Waffles may have come and gone in the UK but the ones that are on sale at the Soul Survivor festival are fantastic (I can’t wait)

Designer Chris Dimino though has decided that instead of eating loads of them, he’d create a waffle maker for geeks, with keyboard shaped waffles.
He’s taken an old typewriter and cleverly re-used it to create one-off waffles for us proud and starving nerds. And it looks great in the process. In his own words:

Problem: Typewriter - Take this now useless item and give it a new life then it was intended to have.

Solution: The “Corona-Matic” a typewriter turned into a waffle iron that makes keyboard shaped waffles. Part of: The Next Best…Ding! A travelling exhibit on the reinvention of the typewriter.

Chris obviously has the key to recycled design that stands on its own merits.

Fleeing the cubicle for the kitchen, this iron lets you cook up a keyboard of tasty waffles every time you fancy a snack. Designed as part of a group exhibit for the School of Visual Arts, the typewriter iron represents the best of reinvention: an obsolete product, minimally modified, is given a completely new function. It just wouldn't be as fun (or as green) if the typewriter's metal and plastic were just recycled. Chris’s site has loads of other things he has produced.

The Corona-Matic

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