Wednesday 30 May 2007

Sky high sales of no smoking signs

No smoking signs, get used to them because they'll be everywhere from 1st July. But this simple sign is causing controversy. Why?

The ban will become nationwide when it is introduced in England on 1 July, cementing the sign's standing as one of the most used and most recognised nationally.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) sets the worldwide standard for everything from "mind your head" signs to the nuts and bolts that keep a Boeing 747 in the air.
It is a niche of product regulation that is a mystery to average folk, but impacts on our lives nearly every second of every day.

This is where the controversy starts. The government has decided on a new design for no-smoking signs - the smoke rises slightly higher than before and the cigarette angle is different - but it breaks ISO guidelines. The Govermant also wants them put at the entrance of every enclosed public space - regardless of what the building is.

You really have got to be kidding - making these signs compulsory? Do we have signs saying 'No murder' 'No theft'? - totally unnecessary because everyone knows they are not allowed

Suggestions for other silly signage requirements anyone? Link

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